Sergey Prokhorenko

Опубликовано: 10.03.2020 в 17:31


Категории: speakersUA18

Sergey is an Agile transformation expert with multi-year experience in designing, driving and supervising organizational changes in Fortune 500 companies. Sergey started his career as a software developer, then switched to business analysis in waterfall projects and Agile product development teams, finally switching to Agile consulting and building one of the most successful Agile consulting practices across Eastern European software development vendors. Now Sergey leads Agile transformation of the largest non-state owned bank in Ukraine – Raiffeisen Bank Aval, as a Chief Transformation Officer directly supervising Agile coaches and Scrum Masters as well as traditional PMO organization and Lean/BPM teams. Combining efforts with IT, marketing, HR and other strategic functions into a cross-functional transformational effort, Sergey drives the change of how Raiffeisen Bank Aval does product discovery, delivers software and non-IT changes and merges different functional divisions into customer-focused vehicles responsible for end-to-end value streams.