Maciek Jarosz

Опубликовано: 30.05.2020 в 11:11


Категории: speakersUA18

Good day, my name is Maciek Jarosz and during the upcoming ScrumDayUkraine conference I’ll be honored to present to you a fascinating set of facilitation techniques called Liberating Structures, that I do use and promote in the Polish Liberating Structures community that we’ve created with other Liberating Structures afficionados. We do that by organizing many physical and virtual events, in most cases international, where people can practice various Liberating Structures techniques and exchange their views on many topics related to work, life and cultural differences. We’ve organized more than 30 events up to this point. I do hold an MA in Computational Linguistics, which became my hobby that plays well with communication and facilitation, especially with the use of various Liberating Structures workshop techniques. When it comes to professional life I’m a professional trainer (Liberating Structures, DevOps, ITIL4, Agile Service Management), certified Scrum Master, experienced facilitator and an entrepreneurs trying to play the startup game. I do hold many certifications, among others PSM2, PSUX, PALE, ITIL4 CDS & DPI, DevOps SRE & DTE & CASM & CAPO & Leader. Also, I’ve created the first Liberating Structures immersion workshop training course in Poland.