Re.vers.ify (Re.imagining your organisation)

Опубликовано: 13.01.2017 в 22:16


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Imagination is what distinguishes innovative from lagging organisations. Any organization can be re.imagined, re.vers.ified, to exploit its intrinsic potential to innovate and lead. Scrum creates room for action and discovery. Organisations re.imagine their Scrum to converge their product delivery into a Scrum Studio. Divisions dissipate into a structure of product hubs interconnected through purpose and distributed leadership. Creativity and innovation emerges. People, teams and the organisation prosper. Re.vers.ify is an act of simplicity, rhythm and focus. Gunther has consolidated over a decade of his experience, ideas, beliefs and observations of Scrum in re.vers.ify. Gunther will introduce how the deliberate emergence of a Scrum Studio is the current way forward to re.vers.ify.