Justyna Pindel. Wake-up call for product dreamers! 7 myths of overnight success

Опубликовано: 26.02.2019 в 20:52


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‘I have a dream (…)! ‘How many startups, projects, changes within organization started like that? What happens when the rush of adrenaline and dose of positive attitude is gone? What to do when you stopped believing that ‘yes, you can do it’?

Some people would watch a Ted Talk, some would subscribe to ‘Monday Motivation’ newsletter, some would give up on their dream. What I did (luckily) I got a systematic approach to my problem. I used the Lean Startup approach and Design Thinking as my weapon.

During the talk I would like to:

  • share a story behind my worst product idea of 2017/2018 – BlockchainFiesta Conference;
  • describe how to transform the idea to organize the first international Blockchain Conference in Poland into action;
  • show that Design Thinking combined with Lean Startup’s speed of delivery is a powerful tool that can make your business better and unleash unknown potential;
  • share all the wrong product hypothesis that I’ve had and show lessons learned.

Benefits for attendees:

  • getting a better understanding of the Design Thinking process and being able to use it in their own business context;
  • knowing how to apply a Human CenteredDesign approachin crossbusinessesandintheir private lives as well;
  • being able to select and use the most suitable Design Thinking Tools in order to solve complex challenges that happen in their team;
  • knowing how to find better solutions by combining Design Thinking with analytical decision making;
  • learning how to pivot with still staying on the track and following the vision.