Valentyn Koriako

Опубликовано: 06.02.2020 в 23:55


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Since 2009, Valentyn is passionate about creating effective development teams and organisations. Through trial and error he has arrived at a very obvious success recepie for building a great team – you have to give a damn. Caring is such a simple concept, yet this crucial bit is often overlooked. Even more so in an outsourcing environment. Should you get attached to a colleague or a project, given you will part ways in six month’s time? Valentyn believes that it’s imperative to create a culture where “giving a damn” is championed. This concept is the cornerstone of any agile transformatio.

Together, we’ll explore successfull examples of such cultures, analyze cases where things went haywire and share tips on how to build offshore teams that bring added value to their customer by “giving a damn”. We’ll learn about selecting and fostering the team, manage your client while the team learns to care and why you should give a damn about all this.