Slava Moskalenko

Опубликовано: 20.07.2020 в 19:12


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Slava Moskalenko – Agile Coach, trainer, change agent, speaker and evangelist of Agile Culture. He has been working in IT for over 13 years.

In his article on how the decision to work in Agile appeared, Slava admits that at the very beginning of the Agile-boom in Ukraine he was skeptical about flexible approaches. He was convinced to believe in Scrum by replacing a product that his favorite team had been developing for 2 years: it turned out to be uncompetitive. Competitors in that situation were given an advantage not by the roduct, but by the organization of work processes. A few further experiments convinced Slava to continue working on Scrum.

Having worked as a programmer for many years, in 2012 he began to rule the Agile transformation of Luxoft clients, including UBS, Deutsche Bank, Hotwire. Since 2015, Slava has continued developing as a professional Scrum Trainer (PST). On this position, Slava provided high-quality advice on Agile to clients such as Lufthansa, Nordea, Credit Suisse and many others.