Andrii Melnykov. Agile transformation: breaking corporate silos

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Imagine that you work in an established company that had grown tremendously during last few years. People who started all this became senior officers and VPs. Each one is an excellent expert in his/her area of expertise and build strong team of professionals within his/her function. But employees within each function/department work with other departments not so well as they used to when company was quite small. Someone forget to mention something, to invite someone to an important meeting, different teams have misaligned goals, … The results of such work could be good or bad, but they depend mostly on individuals interactions, not on some reliable system.

Do you recognize this pattern in your company?

I will share and approach how to fix this on organizational, motivational and process levels.

Ярослав Новоселов. Практические аспекты использования Scrum with Kanban

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Поговорим о том, как лучше определить поток работы, почему не стоит привязывать колонки на Канбан-доске к специалистам, а также что, когда и зачем измерять.

Александр Рейзер, Богдан Мисюра. Наше непростое путешествие: от Классического Старта до Аджайл Релиза

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Эта невымышленная история о том, как наша компания смогла осознать проблемы, позврослеть для их решения и успешно изменить свой традиционный способ мышления. О том, как это случилось и к чему это привело, вы узнаете от Александра и Богдана.

Ángel Díaz-Maroto. What’s next after Agile? Organizational Resilience

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20 years ago, new products appeared in the market every year and disruptive changes in the market happened every decade. Now new products appear in the market every month and disruptive changes in the market happen every year. What will happen in 10 years from now?

Agile make sense in a context where organisations need to develop adaptation capabilities to deliver products more often and customised customer’s needs. Experimentation-based product development frameworks help us solving this problem, but In 10 years from now that won’t be enough.

We all know some players that drastically changed the rules of the game for all the other players such as Netflix, AirBnB, Uber and Lime. I believe that In 10 years from now this disruptive changes in the market will happen every month and organisations will need to develop resilience. Resilience will allow organisations to be ready to frequently overcome extreme changes in the market and reshape for the new conditions faster. Disruptive change simulation frameworks will help us solving this problem.

In this workshop, we’ll study the theoretical foundations that justify this evolution and analyse the elements that will help organisation being extremely resilient. Furthermore I will present, with hands-on exercises, a model for organisations to increase resilience and a framework to simulate disruptive changes in business domains.

The framework is an iterative Crisis-Simulation approach that actions:

  • a positive, creative and collaboration-driven culture to overcome the unexpected;
  • organisational structures that can be triggered to exit from chaos such as swarming and Cross-domain community structures;
  • and practices based on Scrum, design thinking and open space technology. This approach is can be understood as a practical application for the Chaos domain and the yellow dynamic of Cynefin.

As a result of the application of disruptive market change simulations, organisations will not only be more ready for unexpected market disruptions but also come up with disruptive innovations themselves.

Evgeniy Labunskiy. System thinking in Agile transformations

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Did you ever try to understand the whole picture of how your organization works? Can you imagine what are causes and effects of your changes? How do you analyze its way of working? Do you know what are the mental models behind your system? All of these are part of System thinking, the skill of understanding the whole system, its interconnections, behavior and structures. During the presentation, we will speak about classical challenges of Agile adoption in large systems and make a system mapping using the tooling from System thinking.

Владислав Меляницкий. Почему Rademade инвестирует в самоорганизацию

Опубликовано: 28.02.2019 в 21:00


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Вас ждет откровенный разговор с СЕО о том, почему Rademade инвестирует в самоорганизацию.

Тезисы доклада:

  • Что такое самоорганизованные команды
  • Как трансформировался Rademade
  • Как не погрузиться в хаос в компании без руководителей
  • Что получили/потеряли люди и организация.

Bariş Bal. Finding the Hidden Gem of Your Products, A Practical Guide to User Story Mapping

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In today’s fast changing world, it is vital that delivering the right product at the right time to satisfy our customers. Nowadays, this is the most difficult challenge that we face during our product development processes. It requires a different mindset and tools to overcome the problems causing dissatisfactory products. At this workshop, I will introduce a practical guide to popular technique called User Story Mapping and participants will experience how to use it.

Mehmet Yitmen. Unlearning to transform

Опубликовано: 26.02.2019 в 23:10


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How will be the future’s, Agile organizations? Is it enough to learn only to transform from traditional organizations to future organization? Is it possible to really transform a culture via learning the new only? Or, should we first start with forgetting the old? I will try to explore future agile organization characteristics and importance of un-learning together with learning in order to be able to transform.

Audience: anybody new to agile. The talk is soft/light, trying to give some insights about agile organization and some tips to succeed in transformation.

Justyna Pindel. Wake-up call for product dreamers! 7 myths of overnight success

Опубликовано: 26.02.2019 в 20:52


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‘I have a dream (…)! ‘How many startups, projects, changes within organization started like that? What happens when the rush of adrenaline and dose of positive attitude is gone? What to do when you stopped believing that ‘yes, you can do it’?

Some people would watch a Ted Talk, some would subscribe to ‘Monday Motivation’ newsletter, some would give up on their dream. What I did (luckily) I got a systematic approach to my problem. I used the Lean Startup approach and Design Thinking as my weapon.

During the talk I would like to:

  • share a story behind my worst product idea of 2017/2018 – BlockchainFiesta Conference;
  • describe how to transform the idea to organize the first international Blockchain Conference in Poland into action;
  • show that Design Thinking combined with Lean Startup’s speed of delivery is a powerful tool that can make your business better and unleash unknown potential;
  • share all the wrong product hypothesis that I’ve had and show lessons learned.

Benefits for attendees:

  • getting a better understanding of the Design Thinking process and being able to use it in their own business context;
  • knowing how to apply a Human CenteredDesign approachin crossbusinessesandintheir private lives as well;
  • being able to select and use the most suitable Design Thinking Tools in order to solve complex challenges that happen in their team;
  • knowing how to find better solutions by combining Design Thinking with analytical decision making;
  • learning how to pivot with still staying on the track and following the vision.

Павел Педенко. Эмпатия к пользователю в продуктовых командах: как влюбить команду в пользователя?

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Доклад Павла Педенко об эмпатии к пользователю.

Павел Педенко является со-организатором серии митапов для продакт-мендежеров ProductTank Kyiv, со-организатором серии Product Hunt митапов. Дважды провел самый большой хакатон в Украине и Восточной Европе Media Hack Weekend.