Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Let’s be kind to each other

We have created ScrumDayUA as a space where conscious, intelligent, and professional people from different fields and areas, related to or interested in using agile methodologies, meet each other.

In order for all of us to be comfortable while learning, sharing knowledge, and experience, we must create a friendly, safe, and tolerant environment for people of different political, sexual, racial, religious, and other views.

Therefore, we set uniform standards of conduct that we agree to follow during the conference in live communication and chats.

In the ScrumDayUA space we support:

  • polite and friendly attitude to each other;
  • communication at various levels, from restrained remarks to heated discussions;
  • openness, transparency, and honesty. 

In the ScrumDayUA space we consider unacceptable:

  • getting too personal, insulting, abusing, and discrimination on any grounds;
  • intimidation, harassment, and humiliation of the community members;
  • manifestations of aggression and unwanted sexual attention in any of the channels of the conference and in personal communication outside of it.

We support you in the most heated discussions, but we ask you to adhere to the ethics of professional communication, to respect the opinion of colleagues, and not to get personal.

Depending on the extent of the violation of our Code of Conduct, we possess the right to restrict or remove a conference participant from all channels and Zoom without refund.

If you encounter unacceptable behavior from another conference participant or insults to your address, even in a personal chat, please send screenshots of episodes in communication that violate your rights to the conference administrators: 

We promise to respond quickly.

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